Karin Munoz

1963 – 2022

Photo of Karin Munoz

After a year long battle with metastatic cancer, Karin passed away peacefully at home.

Beloved wife of Angel for 37 years and loving mother of Alexander and Gabrielle.

Karin lived a truly wonderful life full of strength and kindness. She in turn was loved very much.

Memories & Condolences

Dear Munoz Family,

Such a sad sad loss for all her friends and family. Karin was a shining star! She always had a beautiful smile on her face and made everyone around feel happy. She was always the best person to turn to for advice on any subject. She had such well thought out ideas to help solve any problem. I will miss the great times I had with Karin. We had so much fun volunteering at school, walking, having lunch at Nordstroms, baking, running my unneeded medical supplies nearly to Oklahoma to donate, having an occasional fun breakfast out and shopping. Being with Karin made any outing a fabulous adventure. The most fun we had of late was talking about our wonderful children. Karin loved Alexander and Gabrielle so much and was so proud them. I loved hearing about all their many accomplishments and fun adventures. I loved her and will miss her more than I can express. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Thank you Munoz family for sharing Karin with me!!!!

Much loss- not for us who knew her, we have memories- but for her grandchildren and those who we’re not yet touched . We’re lucky

Much missed

My fondest memory about Karin is when she came with me on one of the boy scout campouts to go canoeing down the ? Brazos river. My older son, Parker was scheduled to go with the troop, but family members were welcome. I wanted to bring my older daughter, Catherine, so she could go with her girlfriends, Gabrielle and Julia. I also wanted to bring my younger two children, Christine and Andrew, so we could all go canoeing/camping together. I needed another adult to come to help me and keep the parent to younger child ratio 1:1. Karin was up to the task.

We had to drive to the river in the pouring rain and had to set up the tents in the dark, having arrived super late. I had not realized how close we had set up our tents to the river until we awoke the next morning. With all the rain that had happened during the night, we could have been washed away. I do remember hearing Karin snoring through the night even over the rain and thunder.

The next morning, we got on our canoes and headed down river. It was kind of a nightmare. I took the front and Karin took the back, with my 2 younger kids in the middle. Needless to say, it was fairly difficult for 2 ladies to do all the paddling with the 2 kids working against us. The excursion was so much longer than I had counted on. There were a ridiculous number of portages where you have to get the boat and your supplies across a stretch of land between two parts of the river. Who knew hoisting a canoe would be so damn difficult??

But my favorite part of the trip was when my youngest child, Andrew, kept trying to grab branches that were hanging over our heads as we paddled. I turned around to yell at him and in doing so capsized our boat. All of our supplies and my 2 younger children started floating down river at a fairly rapid rate. Karin somehow managed to capture Andrew while I captured Christine. It could have been curtains for both of them. Of course, Catherine has reminded me that I had tried to hide the fact that we had capsized, although this is something I vehemently deny. I certainly remember the humiliation I felt after our escapade had been discovered, especially since it had been my fault and I was a purported expert camper/outdoorsman. Karin never once complained nor lost her enthusiasm, nor did she yell at me for being the source of our wet clothing and humiliation. She was always a trooper, was always an active participant and always had a smile.

Karin, I will forever miss your vivacious personality and your laugh! So sad you are gone.

You will be missed. Love you!

I’ve been robbed, deprived of your wonderful smile, your easy conversation and all the great memories we could have made together. May you at a better place now. Love.


I will miss our long, newsy conversations with updates on our kids' lives and our own busy schedules. I will miss our Nordies lunches (or wherever) complete with a glass (or more) of "Little Black Dress" Chardonnay. I will miss our catch up dinners with you and Angel, enjoying great conversation, food and company. I especially will miss the energy you gave to everything you did be it family, friends, work, your endless volunteerism - the list goes on... Our thoughts and prayers are with those left behind. Love always, Becky

Karin, I have known you for my entire life. I have so many amazing memories of you growing up, and each one involves your laughter and your love. You were always so great to me as if I was your own. I will miss seeing you and talking with you. No matter how busy you were you always took the time to swing by for a hug and to catch up. Your time with us was far too short, but you left so many with such amazing memories.

Karin, over the years, 35 to be exact, every moment with you has turned into a beautiful trail of memories. Your sincere and infectious laughter, your love of learning and teaching, your overwhelming generosity, your hunt for the very best deal, even if it meant a 3 hour drive to Austin after a long, fun filled night, and most of all, your deep love for your sweet family and friends, will forever be a part of my heart and soul. I feel blessed to have been a small part of your huge life. I will miss my lovely friend. I will cherish every moment of our friendship. I will always treasure the unconditional love and kindness shown to Hudson and me. Love forever.

Karin IS...

Karin IS a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend!

Karin IS the girl who would give you the shirt off her back!

Karin IS the smartest gal I know!

Karin IS volunteer extraordinaire!

Karin IS passionate, caring and loving!

Karin IS the girl with the best laugh and the life of the party!

Karin IS the glue that has kept so many good friends together for so many years!

Karin IS the one with the bright smile and warm heart!

Karin IS the most organized, hardest working person I know!

Karin IS a motivator!

Karin IS the one I can call or text anytime, day or night!

Karin IS in our hearts FOREVER!

Karin, you will be missed so much by so many.

Much love always,


To the Munoz family,

My deepest condolences for your loss. Karin truly was dedicated to her family, encouraging them to excel.

May you all smile when you think of her.

Dear Munoz family,

We will all miss Karin so much and for many reasons. Karin was able to make whoever she was talking with feel special. She was not just curious about everything, she was passionate about everything. That enthusiasm was so contagious that it lit up every room and left all who she interacted with happier for it. I wish you all condolences and peace in the days ahead.


You will be sorely missed by everyone who knew and loved you and once you met Karin you loved her immediately!! She was an amazing Wife and Mum and life will not be the same without her!

I hope you all share the memories you have had with Karin and keep her safe in your hearts!!!

Karin, I always knew when you were in the room. I could hear your laughter, your determination, your total self-confidence...what so many others simply strive or hope for. You were admired and would always bring a smile to my face. And who says you're not here today? No one! We still hear you knocking on that proverbial universal door somewhere beyond. You'll never be forgotten and someday we will meet again.

Karin never forgets anything! I remember Angel telling me that when we were all first acquainted. I forget a lot of things, but I never forgot that because he was right.

Karin would remember something said two years ago in passing. When I couldn’t remember who went to homecoming with one of my kids in sophomore year of high school, she knew! She cares enough about each of us that no detail was too small. And I’ll never get over forgetting her birthday one year. It hurt her. After that I knew I would never want to forget or hurt her for the rest of our years together. I hope I didn’t let her down again.

Karin was a tribe builder. When our boys started 5th grade at a new school together, she built a tribe of new moms that would meet for lunch. She found out that working in the school lunch room was fun so she signed us up. Soon we had a tribe there, too. She organized pot luck occasions for us all to meet outside “the workplace.” No matter where she saw a connection, she would create groups of friends who might never have met otherwise. Karin loved making friends and having friends no matter where she went.

And while I am so sad and missing her cheerful and optimistic spirit in my life, I do like to imagine she is gathering those we have loved and lost and has already formed a support group with them to help us all manage the ache of losing those who meant so much to us.

I have never had the gift of memory that Karin possessed but I will never forget anything about her now. Anyone who was lucky enough to be a friend of Karin’s can honestly say they have experienced the rare gift of true friendship. We who knew that gift will never forget it. We were blessed.

Angel, Alexander, and Gabrielle, know that there was nothing more important to her, ever, than you and your happiness. She loved you fiercely and tirelessly and always will. Momo knows this from the bottom of her heart. ☺️

Dear Karin,

I look at your photo and hear your positive words of wisdom, your humor and your strength. What began as a working relationship at vineyard vines became a true friendship that comes along once in a lifetime! You could add on that pink Texas whale hat to every transaction with your smile! You made vv a better place to work by helping all with your worldly knowledge and the desire to see all succeed to be their very best. Thank you, my friend, for your support, your advice and your time! I admire your commitment to your family calls with Alexander and Gabrielle and your strength to withstand the treatments and side effects! Your selflessness, kindness, creativity and love will be missed by all who were fortunate to know you! You are an Angel!

I am lucky to say I was one of the many people that this wonderful woman had an impact on. From being coworkers to becoming close friends. Karin was a caring and joyful soul with a smile always radiating on her face no matter the day. Never once did I not see her try to lighten peoples days even by just talking to them. She had an amazing ability to connect with everyone who she came across and make them feel welcomed. To myself she became someone I grew close to and shared life events guiding me through any hardships I encountered. She treated me almost as if I was one of her own and always showed me and my family love. I am very sad to not get the chance to say goodbye but I know she is in a better place now and will always carry her memory with me. She will be greatly missed, Rest In Peace dear friend. To Angel, Alexander and Gabrielle I send my deepest condolences during this time of mourning.

Dearest Alexander and Gabrielle,

May your hearts find peace of mind knowing how much your mother loved you.

I am certain you will carry her strength and passion within you, always. And, in doing so, her memory will never fade from you but will remain inside of you…always.

Karin was the best mother, the best wife, the best daughter, the best sister, the best have a drink with, the best to talk with,the best to play with, and had the best smile….Karin was truly the best and we love her so much and will miss her so much❤️

We are so sad she’s no longer with us but know she’s somewhere watching over all of us….don’t worry Alexander and Gabrielle, if you feel a tap on the shoulder and see no one , it’s your mother making sure you think about the decision you’re making. That’s the sweet wonderful Karin we all know and adore.❤️

Karin was such a blessing to all who were fortunate enough to know her. She would light up the room with her smile. Even in her final days she would still smile. I am very blessed to be able to call her my friend. I am so sorry for your loss.

Karin, I will miss your warm smile, your great sense of humor and your watchful eye that helped keep Angel focused. And the finance profession will miss the only person I ever knew who could make forensic accounting sound fun and exciting!

I will truly miss your exuberance and joy. Yet don’t forget that fever should always be on your side;)

That passion against you was not to be taken lightly! I love her so much! Loyal friend pragmatic and full of joy and I loved her laugh. She taught me so much and put everything in to loving her children and family. We had great breakfasts and discussing nonsense and importantes too.She showed me how to enjoy the now.. I look back now with such happiness. Thank you mon amie j’adore 😘

Although I only met Karin a few months ago, she made a huge impact on me with her sweet smile, kindness, and incredible courage. She handled her disease with so much strength even on the hardest days. The world has lost a bright light, and I'm heartbroken for Angel, her children, mother, family and friends.


You did so much for us and we will be eternally grateful for so much. God bless you!

Karin, you were my best "Hockaday mom" friend. You were fearless, courageous, joyous. The kind of person that naturally attracts others to her. The kind of person that comes around only once in a lifetime. I am glad to have known you, even though it was too short a time.

What a great and wonderful Pearson with a smile that you could just feel the kindness that was really real that’s the feeling I got each and every time that I went to there home she will be missed I will always remember her smile and kindness

From the first day I met you in person while on a business trip with Angel to California. You were just really sweet, friendly and welcoming. When Angel & I would be on a video call, and if you were around, even throughout your battle with cancer, you always took a minute to say hello or at least wave or from the other room yell "Hi Alex!" and I miss those moments already too. Such a wonderful person, you'll be greatly missed.

Karin, what a ride over these past years!! Your laugh, curiosity, and positive energy will go unmatched.

Your dedication to your children, Angel and your friends was fierce, unwavering and admired.

You will be missed Karin. Very much so.

Karin, your friendship meant the world. More sister than friend. Your positive nature made everything better. Even the worst volunteer jobs were made fun in the sunshine of your company! You nudged everyone around you to do better, be better, try harder in the nicest possible way. Your storytelling was epic, your laughter contagious. You will be missed every day by all the friends who loved you. Rest in peace dear friend.

Karin always had a welcoming and wonderful smile coupled with an infectious positive energy. This photograph of her is exactly the picture I see when I close my eyes and think of Karin. She was kind, loving, and giving on a level that many people strive for and few achieve. I will deeply miss her, the many stories we shared, and missing out on the many memories we had yet to make.

Sometimes you meet a person and it takes but seconds to realized what an extraordinary human being she is, Karin you were that kind of person, you smiled at me, and I smiled back and that's all it took for me to feel a connection with you. The stories you told, the love you spread and the wisdom you carried. Be at peace of the wonderful children you raised and the good they will do to the world. You will be greatly missed and I will forever remember the frolicking whales we saw together in the pacific. My birthday will be celebrated from now on with a memory of your passing the same day I was born.

Angel please know my heart is with you and your kids right now, and hoping you will find comfort as you start this new chapter. Que esposa y mujer mas maravillosa era Karin, recibe un abrazo fuerte de mi parte.

Above all else, I will remember you as a fervently devoted mother and supportive partner. I will miss you stopping by Angel’s office for a quick hello, your cheery disposition and infectious smile.

Your smile will reflect on me every time I’m having an amazing time. that’s what always will be in my memories about you. Thank you for making me part of your amazing journey. We will meet again. Love you Karin

Great mentor, inspiring -strong woman. Her legacy will live on.

I have fond memories of conversations with you as we prepped lunch for Alexander when he was a toddler or tucked him in with a song in the evening. Your love was strong and unwavering. I admired that about you so very much. United with your dear sister again, the universe is all yours now. I dedicate a meditation of comfort and abundant love to Alexander, Gabrielle and Angel as they navigate this great loss.

So brief and so insignificant, a quick wave of hands over a video call every few days – I already sorely miss it.

Karin, such a wonderful 37 year journey. I will miss your resplendent smile, easy laughter, your inquisitive mind and your persistent love. May your light continue to shine as you travel 2 ∞ & →